The new vehicles mediated by us have a 100% warranty of up to 84 months which is valid across Europe. In guarantee case you can ask the relevant local garage.

No authorised dealer can abstract this warranty!

Authority: (Competition Commission Switzerland)
Point 5 lit. c: warranty, nonpaid customer service, recall action

Irrespective of the place of buying a motor vehicle in the European economic area or in Switzerland, the licensed garages are required to repair all motor vehicles on the particular brand and ensure the warranty, free attention and all work in the context of recall actions. In this respect, it is no consequence whether the motor vehicle was bought by an authorised distributor, rights by a proxy or by an independent re-seller. The guarantees which are granted by the motor vehicle suppliers at the place where the new motor vehicle gets sold, have to have the same conditions like in the European economic area and a validity in Switzerland. The warranty doesn’t expire when the customer has repairs or maintenance (incl. accidents) done during the warranty period. The warranty doesn’t apply if the work on the vehicle wasn't carried out professionally. Furthermore, the customer is not obliged to have the vehicle repaired or maintained within the area of the licenced garages during the warranty period.

We also offer a cost-effective warranty extension if desired.