Most frequently asked questions

How do I order?

We have a a large selection of new vehicles in our data bank. We can take orders for the selected model (not all brands). The order can either be placed directly with us in Wohlen/AG or we can sent the relevant contracts to your home address.

How do I design my dream car?

You can find a vehicle configurator on our homepage where you can design your desired car. For questions or ambiguity please do not hesitate to contact us. After you have composed your car you can send us the configuration by email and we will pass it on to our suppliers.

How do I have to pay?
If you are interested in funding please take a quick look at our calculator under the menu item "Leasing". There are different types of payment according to the desired choice of delivery. If the customer collects the car directly at our place the payment can either be made in advance or cash. If home delivery is required the payment has to made by a bank transfer. Referring to the Euro rate of exchange – you have the opportunity to pay 10% cash to secure the rate of exchange.
Can a vehicle be delivered?

If you decide to collect your vehicle locally then this can be done as soon as we have received your order together with all relevant information. Home delivery can be provided at an extra charge.

Do I have to accept inferior quality?

No, the quality standards are the same throughout Europe. Apart from slight differences in the interior, the cars which get manufactured for all European customers are absolutely identical to those which get sold by a Swiss licenced dealers. You can certainly dismiss the myth – a thin coat of paint, thinner windows and cheap metal body-work. Some customers in other European countries are known to be critical and don’t go for less than the best. The standard interior isn’t always compatible to Swiss models. However, any additional extras can be ordered at an extra charge.

Do I need an importer?

Nonessential, you can buy your vehicle in overseas yourself. You should only concern about the effort you will have. Think about all the formalities, garage locator, delivery problems and so on. We have done this thousand times and know the ropes. We have chosen the favourable dealers whith the best prices. We let us deliver the cars in a big number of vehicles. If you order your car here, you will become it simple and quick. With a lot of work and luck you will get a car at a lower price by a self-import. Trust us and benefit from our offers..

Is there a “free service package” included?

No, because you do not benefit from this. If a Swiss importer offers you free service up to 60’000 kilometers or 10 year guarantee, this only means you get two free small services up to 30’000 kilometers. The small print clearly states that oil, petrol and spare parts are not included. When you calculate the promised offer in the commercial until the end, there are still circa 1’000 CHF which the Super Service Package is worth. Please note that you pay this service in advance which is included in the new price. It's really important to make precise calculations. In a low priced parallel import you often save the multiple in service costs.
Authority: Journal K-Tipp
“As enticing the service offer sounds, the service interval steadily gets more expensive with modern cars. Therefore, these costs are of less consequence.

Does Car Trade 24 import all vehicle brands?

No, we only import new vehicles which are more interesting price-wise.

Our service in buying a new vehicle

  • EU-agreement statement COC
  • Documentary evidence of origin (EUR-1-document)
  • Export declaration
  • Import declaration
  • Payment of duty
  • Form 13.20 audit report
  • Permit number (delivery drive)
  • Automobile tax 4%
  • Value-added tax Switzerland 8% of new vehicle price included duty
  • Insurance and transport costs
  • Emission test
  • New vehicle matriculation

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Car Trade 24 Team